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Propane Gas Delivery

Large propane storage tank — Fuel Company in Sebring, FL
If you use or need gas for cooking, water heating, drying, space heating, or motor fuel, you need Coker Fuel Inc. We have convenient filling stations for your propane needs as well. We can also install tanks, gas lines, appliances, generators, and more. We deliver propane to your location when you need a refill. Sign up for our automatic delivery schedule service agreement so you don't have to worry about your tank being empty. From same-day service to emergency service, we are available for you when you need us!
Man closes a knob on a propane tank — Fuel Company in Sebring, FL

Commercial Propane

Commercial businesses utilize larger tanks and out team can handle the job. We service business owners with their propane needs. When running a business, it is essential that the business is not interrupted by an issue. Coker Fuel Inc makes sure the propane tank stays filled. We can also assist with appliance installation for your commercial kitchen along with running the gas lines.
Small propane tank connected in a cage — Fuel Company in Sebring, FL

Residential Propane

Keep your family comfortable with a hot shower or a warm living room in the winter. We deliver propane gas so your home stays cozy. We provide propane tanks for every household size and help you save money in your pocket. Our team is also experienced in installing appliances and running minor gas lines under your home. Give us a call today!